"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." -Andrew Carnegie



Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Nadal, Next Phase’s founder, is a business development consultant and executive leadership coach. Dan has a unique blend of entrepreneurism, leadership & research development expertise. He’s recognized by his colleagues and clients as the creative engine behind Next Phase. Those who have worked with Dan know him as a one-on-one type who prefers the role of servant/leader. What’s more, he’s known as a guy that breaks through barriers and helps our clients solve their most complex business challenges.

Dan  is dedicated to building leadership capacity; accessing untapped potential and helping clients make positive change happen. Dan’s passion for people and culture is about creating environments where employees are valued and emotionally engaged in the business and one where individuals, teams and organizations can transform and break through to unparalleled performance. He prides himself on the ability to alleviate the administrative burden associated with conducting research. He truly cares about others, listens with an open mind, and adds value in unexpected ways. Throughout his career, Dan has successfully worked with an extensive number of public and private organizations regionally and nationally and has held positions of increasing responsibility in a variety of healthcare industries including clinical research organizations, managed care, pharmacy, and assisted living facilities.

He is very well regarded by his clients for his practical “how to” approach and for his ability to communicate with his audiences and to make workplace learning a fun and pleasurable experience. He spends his free time traveling the world with his “Sunshine” and their four children, he believes strongly in work-life balance and is highly dedicated and committed to achieving his goals. He is also a devoted pet owner and whole-hearted animal lover.


VP, Business Development

Dr. Ves Gitchev, MD is the VP of Business Development for Next Phase Research. Former Chief Medical Consultant for Access Global Healthcare, and Executive Director of Worldwide Medical Partners, leaders in global healthcare and medical travel. Dr. Gitchev was also the Founder and Director of WMP Clinical Research and has been involved in FDA approved Pharmaceutical research for over 11 years. During his tenure with WMP, Dr. Gitchev was also the Sr. Medical Advisor for Phoenix Healthcare Foundation and. active contributor for WMCP, an international TPA organization with presence throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Gitchev’s work experience started as a Regional Director for the Florida market for nationwide clinical research organization where he began shortly after graduating from Medical School with Magna Cum Laude. With over 11 years experience in Healthcare and Clinical Research, Dr. Gitchev possesses vast knowledge of the U.S. and Global Healthcare Market and the influence that Insurance Carriers, Employers, Providers and the Pharmaceutical Industry have on the Global Marketplace. Dr. Gitchev is an active member of the medical tourism industry, and places a strong focus to quality outcomes and patient care.

Dr. Gitchev is also the co-founder of CIPA, the Coalition for International Patient Advocacy a multi-national non for profit organization whose goal is to create a discussion platform for all parties involved in international patient care. Also, to create a unified set of rules and regulations ensuring international patient safety and quality of outcome.

Dr.Gitchev’s unique skill set is a blend of healthcare expertise and business acumen, cross-cultural background and strong core values. In addition to his medical and military training, Dr. Gitchev is a respected humanitarian and philanthropist. He has founded/developed, implements and advanced number of initiatives in the areas of clinical research and international healthcare. Dr. Gitchev’s commitment to patient safety and industry regulation culminated in a joint project whit the WHO set to provide unified set quality and safety standard for all international healthcare providers. For his passion and commitment to the further development of the international healthcare market, Dr. Gitchev has received many notable recognition including those by ExecDigital magazine and America Economia.


VP, Clinical Operations

Ashley Zorrilla is the VP, Clinical Operations for Next Phase Research. Former Director of Clinical Operations for Espaillat Research Institute and Associates (ERIA). Ashley Zorrilla is also the Owner of Source1 Consultants and has been involved in FDA / Pharmaceutical Research for over 15 years.

Ashley Zorrilla’s work experience started as a Cardiovascular Technician at Cedars Medical Center where he began shortly after graduating from School. In 2000, he joined the largest free standing clinical pharmacology research unit in the world. With over 18 years’ experience in Healthcare and Clinical Research, Ashley Zorrilla possesses both on-hand and managerial experience which have made him a pillar within our company.

Ashley Zorrilla unique skill set is a blend of Coordinator experience, Site Management proficiency, Clinical Operations expertise and strong core values. In addition to his medical training, Ashley Zorrilla is a respected humanitarian and devoted father of 2.

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