Our research network is designed to promote the highest quality in clinical trial management.

We provide a platform for pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations to perform single site or multi-center trials within one network system. Next Phase Research offers a more cost-effective and thorough approach to clinical research site selection. Our network’s site database can be a beneficial, operational instrument for the following reasons:

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Combined, our sites treat thousands of patients annually in different settings.

Simplified administration, competitive fees and in-depth information when you need it most.

By doing multi-center studies within our network, individual research bias in reduced. We also offer a geographically diverse patient population, thus, avoiding regional bias.

Utilization of our network to select research sites from our databases significantly reduces cost for expenses incurred from initial site selection.

Gained access to our expansive and effective network. We offer a convenient solution for expedited site identification and study start up.

We create strong partnerships with sponsors. Our focus is on the conduct and execution of Phase I – IV clinical trials and medical device trials in both, adult and pediatric patients.

Next Phase Research provides a comprehensive solution from start to finish, providing site identification, administrative services and cohesive enrollment strategies by our network sites. The value of working with us lies in our demonstrated ability to expedite and streamline the clinical trial process with a distinctive business model of integrated study management. Through one point of contact, we are able to consolidate study management. We organize, direct and manage all regulatory documents, start-up services and site payments with one budget and contract

Our network is designed for quality and efficiency. All of our investigators attend annual investigator meetings to ensure all members of our network continue to meet and exceed industry standards. We promise our clients and partners exceptional performance, satisfactory retention rates and a proven ability to meet numbers and deadlines.

Through our network collaboration, we’re creating a community of researchers from different backgrounds. We encourage and enrich research partnerships and foster a resource-sharing philosophy that supports faster progress and development. We know that we cannot advance alone. We need to inspire and motivate new scientists to work in research and help them build partnerships and ideas for the future. We provide our network members and partners with the very best resources, tools, support, help, and empowerment.

We welcome you to experience the new standard in research.